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Hauling bulk mail for over 20 years
in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California

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Local Hauling

Oregon, Washington, and California

Multiple Sized Trucks

Trucks with 14ft to 53ft capacities

Professional Drivers

Certified and courteous drivers

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Here at Mail Carriers Inc. We provide the right equipment for your logistics needs. We also provide a friendly, efficient and professional team of drivers tailored to suit what you need per contract. We have been hauling Bulk Mail for USPS in Oregon, Washington and California for over 20 years. Before that we operated all over the continental United States as an Interstate Logistics Company.

We know trucking! We have the knowledge to get the job done no matter what it takes. We have the right equipment to safely transport whatever you need along city streets, Highways and by ways. Our record with The FMCSA and DOT is exemplary. We have worked very hard for this regard and aim to keep it that way.

Your needs as a supplier is our paramount concern. We understand that failing to get what you need to where you need it and by the time you need is not an option. We have a proven track record with many Vendors including the United States Post Office. The latter of whom we have had successful contracts for over 15 years in some cases. The same contracts! This proves we know our business.

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We’ve Been Hauling For Over 20 Years

Mail Carriers Incorporated has been hauling bulk mail for over 20 years in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. We now boast over 40 drivers and over 30 tractor-trailers in operation today. We have a strong team. Most of whom, have been with the company for over 10 years…

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We are always looking for skilled and professional drivers

Here are some FAQ’s from past drivers.

If you’re interested in employment as a driver, please click the button below to fill out our driver’s questionnaire.

What is your pay rate for drivers?

Pay rates are determined by structure and location of contract. We usually follow the Federal Wage determination if it’s with the post office. If not then we would find out the current average pay rates for the contract location.

What are the benefits for drivers?
  • 10 paid holidays
  • Merit-based annual bonuses
  • Paid vacation
    •   1 week after 1 year
    •   2 weeks after 2 years
    •   10 years- three weeks
  • Health and welfare payments, $5.03/hour up to 40 hours weekly into a SEP Retirement account
What route schedules are available?

Route Schedules are determined by what we need at any given time.

Where do drivers operate from (yard location, office location, etc)?
Local hauling – trip schedules usually 6-9 hours consecutive. Within a 40 mile radius of yard location.
Portland, Oregon
6849 NE 47th Ave
Portland, OR 97218
Springfield, Oregon
3148 Gateway St
Springfield, OR 97475
Tracy California
2795 Paradise Road
Tracy, CA 95304
When do drivers get paid?

Bi-Weekly: 1st and 15th

Do drivers have to load and unload the trucks?

Yes, in Oregon and Washington. No, in California.

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