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We haul United States mail and we do it well.

About Mail Carriers Inc

Mail Carriers Incorporated has been hauling bulk mail for over 20 years in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. We now boast over 40 drivers and over 30 tractor trailers in operation today. We have a strong team. Most of whom, have been with the company for over 10 years. That means something to us. We try to cultivate an environment of safety, efficiency and professionalism. We are dedicated to many of the same principal guidelines that USPS uses as an overlay for their own transportation division. We currently have 12 contracts with USPS Transportation.

My parents started the logistics side of our family owned business back in the late 1980’s. Transitioning from operating two mechanic shops in Oregon to a Mom and Pop Trucking Company.

In 2015 my Father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. It was that time that I went from shop Foreman to Operations Manager of the Portland and Seattle based contracts. It was sink or swim. As my Fathers decline in health precluded him from refining my Management training.     We had 15 contracts with the Post Office at that time. Some of the contracts were not really running as they should. Making little revenue. My Father passed late in 2016. We kicked into high gear. We spent the next 3 years streamlining the business. Shedding contracts not making profits. Changing our service contracts and negotiating with USPS to reconfigure contracts to run more efficiently and make more profits. We have better equipment and happier drivers.

Our mission is simple. We haul United States Mail. We may branch out to other vendors in the future, but for now, it is our mission. We do it well. We would like to expand our service in Oregon and California. And bring our Drive Teams into better pay and a more efficient work experience. We are a Team. No one person (including myself) any more important than any other. We are a multi-cultural employer. Granting all the respect and dignity we all deserve. It takes all of us doing our jobs to get the job done.

Come join our team as we move into the future.

Tegue S De Leon

Chief Operations Manager
Mail Carriers Incorporated

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